Emily Stretch

Just like you, I’m many things.

I’m an Australian, a farmer, a photographer, a writer, a stockwoman, and an empathic scientific thinker.

One title does not define me, nor should it.

I grew up on a farm in Western Australia, I still work there now. I LOVE every day I spend in agriculture. It allows me to care for livestock empathically whilst solving problems scientifically. I’m passionate about showing the world how we lovingly grow nutritious food and renewable fibres.

I’ve always loved capturing moments in the day to day life of farming. Over time, that love has turned into an expensive lens habit! As is always the case in life, hobbies ebb and flow. Photography and I are lifelong friends that take a hiatus every so often.

Writing is a passion built upon years of devouring books, as only a book worm can. This is a passion I would dearly love to pursue on a higher level. Hopefully, over time, confidence will build and I can share pieces of my writing with you.

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