Seeing may be Believing, but Thinking is Understanding.

Do you want to know what truly terrifies me, what my subconscious worries about even while I’m sleeping? Judgement. To be specific, I’m scared of judgements based on emotion alone. The scariest part of the emotion-based judgement is the rate at which it infects people around them. If you weigh up your emotions with logicContinue reading “Seeing may be Believing, but Thinking is Understanding.”

Treasure Your Mate

I shut the gate. My forearms drop over the steel pipe frame. It’s almost too hot to keep my sun-drenched skin against the galvanised metal, but taking the weight off my aching legs is more important. I breathe deep, keeping my mouth closed against the dust and the bloody flies. Bella slinks to the fenceContinue reading “Treasure Your Mate”

The Aloof Farmer?

They stride down the sidewalk on a mission. The boots are dusty. The work pants are creased and stained well past the skills of any washing machine – the hat tips to each local and those passing briefly through town alike. They walk purposefully down each aisle of the local supermarket. The shirt tucked intoContinue reading “The Aloof Farmer?”

The Circle of Life

Some days I find it difficult to reconcile the nurturing of animals with the production of meat. How do I resolve that conflict in my soul?

Farm; to grow or cultivate in quantity.

Let me create an example for you. Consider the size of Australia’s population, approximately 25.7 million people. Now consider the amount of food, water and clothing required for our population. Now consider the number of farming enterprises in Australia, approximately 89,000. Let’s make an assumption, (I know, never assume anything). If every farming enterprise accountsContinue reading “Farm; to grow or cultivate in quantity.”

Why Me?

Why is there another blog out there in the world? Is it serving a purpose? Does the world need to hear what I have to say? This blog exists to help anybody understand where their food and fibre comes from. It serves the purpose of giving me a voice, across the entire world.The world canContinue reading “Why Me?”

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